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Current Harbor Cabaret!

Performed at The Tank, NYC Fall 2017

A series of pieces that we’ve been working on over the past three years and some brand new ones as well. It’s what we’re excited about, thinking about, worried about, and trying out. We’ve developed some of these pieces through partnerships with Fresh Ground Pepper and National Choreography Month, and collaborated with over 20 artists to create and realize this evening of work!

Choreographed & Directed by Annalisa Ledson & Jamie Watkins



Leila Ben-Abdallah, Kayli Jamison, Sayoko Kojima, Annalisa Ledson, Jake Levitt, Ronnie Lewis, Christine Pardos, Vince Peralta, Maddie Peterson, Jillian Sawyer, Gabby Sherba, Matheus Ting, Lucy Van Atta 


Zac Selissen (guitar), Javier Sanchez (bandoneon)

Lights by Stacy Derosier

Light Board Op: Daniel Vanbelleghem

Photo Credit: Jackson Krule (@jacksonkrule)

Organito de la Tarde - Zac Selissen
Come to the City - The War on Drugs
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