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Chase the Flying Hours

A site-specific dance film co-produced by DanceBARN Collective in Fergus Falls, MN

Chase the Flying Hours was inspired by the spirit of the Fergus Falls community rallying around the pending demolition of The Kirkbride Hospital, a decommissioned occupational therapy center built in the 1800s. The film communicates the shifting role of this astonishing physical building within a tight-knit community, and the unique power of dance to bring people out of isolation, into moments of collective celebration. Inspired by midwestern square dancing, choreographer Annalisa Ledson blends traditional with contemporary dance. Director Jamie Watkins and cinematographer/editor Kristopher Gieske strive to capture the haunting beauty of this unique space and its renewed potential for community use. 

Choreographer & Co-Director… Annalisa Ledson

Co-Director… Jamie Watkins

Cinematographer & Editor… Kristofor Gieske

Composer… Evan Johnston

Sound Mastering...Mark Van Hare


Dancers… Molly Johnston, Annalisa Ledson, Amanda Lewis & Ayumi Shafer


Community Dancers...

Adeline Stalboerger, Aly Stalboerger, Stella Stalboerger, Andrea Everts, Mary Bertrand, Grace Hauglie, Ila Osman, John Heine, Lowell Carpenter, Judy Carpenter, Sue Lewis, Deb Wallwork, Claudia Loll, Deb Forstaer, Mary Waller, Michael Loreno, Mary Loreno, Clara Wegscheid, Kristi Everts, Ashley Quam, Rebekah Ekelund, Hannah Ekelund, Timothy Ekelund, Sarah Ekelund, Elise Pribbenow, Bert Johnston &Melissa Hurtig

Special Thanks:

Steven Shafer, Pete &  Kristi Everts, Ashley Hanson, Bert Johnston, Karla Larson & National Camera Exchange


This film made possible due to The Otter Tail County Historical Society 150-year Anniversary Micro Grant

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